Happy New Years!

Setting intentions for the New Year & Staying consistent!

It’s that time of year where everyone is setting resolutions! People all over are reflecting on 2018 and what they’d like to do differently in 2019. People are hitting up gyms for memberships, buying meal plans, promising to clear some bad habits. This is wonderful! Anytime of the year is a great time to better yourself but there is something so magical and hopeful about the start of a New Year.

New Year new YOU! Who doesn’t love the sound of that? But how do we remain consistent? How do we hold ourselves accountable for these new changes we’d like to see? Often times we set these goals and feel enthusiastic about them for a couple of month and fizzle out of them. Well I would like to give a few tips on how to stay on this path of self growth and change!

Write down your goals!
Writing things not only gives them great power when it comes to manifesting it also hold you accountable! When you write down your goals they are grounded, they are concrete. When goals are merely just words they are floating around without any attachment. When it is written it cannot be forgotten and can be recalled on at any given time. I suggest writing 10 goals for the new year.

Give each goal a time line!
Next to each goal I suggest writing down how long you’d like it to take to achieve. Is it something you can achieve in a month? Six months? The year? Writing down a time line also helps us be accountable, it dismisses chances to procrastinate and use the excuse we didn’t have time. If your goal is something that requires money you can budget accordingly to your time line, if it’s a physical goal you can set aside the time necessary in order to achieve it.

The “how?”
Write out steps on how you plan to achieve this. You have your time line right? So you can easily delegate steps in the allotted time. For instance maybe your goal will take three steps in order to achieve it and you gave yourself three months to achieve it. Write how you plan to achieve each step and be specific! Maybe delegate each to those months to a specific execution step. The major theme here is accountability and by having the how there is really no excuse to slack on what needs to be done.

Make it visible!
Put this list of goals and time line somewhere you will see it all the time. Perhaps if you work a lot place it in your work space, the wall next to your bed, your car. For me personally I tend to put it on a magnet on my fridge. I am in my kitchen daily so then I am reminded daily of these goals and the time I have given myself to achieve them. In today’s society most of us are super busy so it’s easy to put these things on the back of our mind and before we know it six months has passed by since we’ve actively thought about or worked toward our goals.

I hope these tips can help you stay consistent in achieving your goals. I love to see everyone succeed at bettering themselves! If you find these tips have helped pass it along to someone else you think may need help staying accountable. Lets make this year a year of slaying our goals!

Cheers to the New Year!
With Love & Light
Kat-Meditative Movements

The Art of Forgiveness

In just about every ancient religion or philosophy they preach about forgiveness. In the bible it says to “forgive in forget.” Buddha says “holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burnt.” While letting go of anger can be easier said than done, it is very rewarding in the long run.
Lets look at this from a modern day example. So your friend was gossiping about you behind your back. You are incredibly hurt by the harsh words said by your friend, so you decide to end the frienship. You allow anger to burn in your heart toward this person. It makes you cry out of anger and sadness, it keeps you up all night tossing and turning, it makes you wonder if all of your other friends do the same behind your back. Now lets take a look at who this anger is effecting and how? Is it effecting the friend who hurt you? No its effecting you! Now you’re puffy eyed, sleep deprived and are question the value friendships around you. Your friend could perhaps be going thru their own wave of emotions but that certainly has something to do with them not with your anger.
Often in the topic of forgiveness the same question comes up: what if they aren’t sorry? Which brings up another great quote, “Forgiving is not a gift to someone else, forgiving is a gift to yourself.” It is in our best interest to forgive so that we may feel at peace. Resentment is an uncomfortable feeling.
This same principle can be applied when forgiving yourself. I personally find this much harder than forgiving others but to each their own. We tend to be so hard on ourselves. It is true that we are our own worst critic. I cannot even begin to explain how many times I’ve replayed situations in my head over and over and over again wishing I could go back in time. I would get so frustrated with myself “how could you say that?” or “What kind of idiot does that?” You get the idea. These kind of thoughts are self destructive. They cause anxiety and negative thinking patterns. However, when you decide to take that situation with a grain of salt and just simply forgive yourself you will feel peace. You will have learn a valuable lesson that money can’t buy and then you can move on.
We all make “mistakes” or questionable decisions. It’s okay, it’s healthy even. Forgive yourself, and forgive others. Life is just more refreshing this way, I swear. Give it a try and see how it can transform your life!

I hope this message serves you well!
With love & light, always
Kat ❤

Living in the Key of LOVE!

In this world we have two emotions that deeply rule our thoughts and actions. Those two feelings are love, and fear. Now, this tends to rattle up a lot of resistance. We all remember the scene from Donnie Darko where his teacher goes on about this topic and Donnie just about flips his lid?


The ironic part, is his denial of this inevitable truth can also be defined as fear. The thing is, you can lump everything into these two categories. Life really IS that simple. It just takes a little rewiring of the way we think.
I myself, used to have a lot of resistance to this concept. However, I have had a lot of experiences now that have drastically changed my stance on the matter. I used to detest so much about life. I would complain often, I thought my goals were unattainable, and I just over all was pessimistic about life. Although, I still laughed, and smiled a lot and had lots to be happy about, I constantly made excuses for not chasing the life of my dreams. Why? The answer is really quite simple. I was living in the key of fear.
When you change your perspective you will certainly change your life. When you live in the key of love things become so much clearer, so much easier. When you live in the key of love so much starts to change. Someone living in the key of love won’t make excuses, they’ll make a plan. Instead of saying how hard it will be for you to travel,to make enough money, to save money, to book the plane ticket and ect. a person living in love will find a way, they will execute a plan to save the money necessary, they will book the ticket, they will make it happen.

A person living in the key of love will flourish and radiate happiness. Living in fear will make you anxious, it will make you feel stuck. People who live in fear, live in regret. Always wishing they would have done something differently. Where a person living in the key of love can be happy and content with the way life has played out for them
So next time you talk about something that excites you, pay attention to the way you speak and think about the matter. Are you looking forward to the future because you know things will fall perfectly in place? Or are you dreading the idea of the future because everything feels impossible to attain? Becoming aware of this is the key to changing it.

If you discover that you are living in the key of fear don’t be hard on yourself. This is something that can definitely be changed. It will require a conscious effort to change the way you think and act on things. In any given situation you must stop, and evaluate the vibration of your thoughts. And also evaluate the tone of your words, what we speak is a huge reflection of what we manifest.

When you commit to living in the key of love good things will come your way! Now, go manifest a beautiful, amazing life, filled with an abundance of love! Everything you’ve ever wanted is waiting for you on the other side of fear.

Creating the life of your dreams!

What if you could live the life of your dreams almost effortlessly? What if all it took was a shift in your perspective? You could radically change the momentum of your desires. You could shift your dreams into reality. It’s really all quite simple. I used to work the safe corporate life. It got me by, it paid my bills but it didn’t fill my soul.I constantly wondered if there was any way to truly feel happy and free. Now I’m traveling all over the world, meeting incredible people, working a job I absolutely love, and I continue to manifest all that I desire. I made the shift and so can you. In this article I reveal five very simple ways to shift your life so you may start making strides toward your dream life. Change your perspective and you can change your life.

Step 1: Cut out the negativity.
If something is draining you of your energy it has no place in your life. Cutting out negativity allows so much mores space for positive circumstances, places, or people to pour into your life. These negative attributes are not serving you, it’s time to let that go! Only allow what makes your soul happy into your life. This is so essential when allowing abundance to pour thru you.

Step 2: Surrender and believe!
To so many people surrender is just a silly word hippies and yogis say. But what does it mean? What is surrender? In simple words surrender just means to open your heart to the countless possibilities. Just know that life will always work itself out. When you’re living in your flow and you follow your highest excitement the universe will provide for you.

Step 3: Stop making excuses.
This tends to be the hardest part for people. I’ve talked to so many people and have seen their eyes light up when they talk about something and then follow it with a “but.” To make sure this makes sense here are a few examples but are not limimted to: “I’d love to travel, but…” or “I’d love to make money doing something that makes me happy, but…” What if we cut out “but” from our vocabularly and made it stop being an if and turned it into a when. Make goals, pursuit them relentlessly and live the life of your dreams! I promise it’s not as hard as you’re making it. Stop making things complicated and live in the key of your highest excitment!

Step 4: Grattitude, grattitude, grattitude!
Giving garitude for the things we have helps us change our perspective. Change your perspective and you’ll change your life. The universe responds to gratitude in a positive manner where as if you disregard how lucky you are for what you have, you’ll never recieve more. If this all sounds far fetched to you let me break this down in a logical day to day way. Let’s say you’re having guest’s over for dinner. One guest raves on and on about how grateful they are for the meal you have provided and for your hospitality and on the other hand one other guest complains the entire time. Who would you be more inclined to offer seconds or to invite over a second time? This is the same to be said when manifesting your destiny. Living with a “lack mentality” will only hold you back. If you don’t appreciate what you already have how can you expect to recieve any more?

Step 5: Just go for it!
Take a leap of faith! You have so much waiting for you at the other side of your fear. Don’t live in the key of fear, live in the key of love. Do what you love, be with who you love, live where you love. Just love your life and the rest will fall into alignment. When you want something bad enough you will always find a way to make it. When there is a will there is way. So just go for it!

I hope that you find this hopeful. I am finally living my dreams and it feels so damn fantastic. You got this, now go make magic happen!

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