Happy New Years!

Setting intentions for the New Year & Staying consistent!

It’s that time of year where everyone is setting resolutions! People all over are reflecting on 2018 and what they’d like to do differently in 2019. People are hitting up gyms for memberships, buying meal plans, promising to clear some bad habits. This is wonderful! Anytime of the year is a great time to better yourself but there is something so magical and hopeful about the start of a New Year.

New Year new YOU! Who doesn’t love the sound of that? But how do we remain consistent? How do we hold ourselves accountable for these new changes we’d like to see? Often times we set these goals and feel enthusiastic about them for a couple of month and fizzle out of them. Well I would like to give a few tips on how to stay on this path of self growth and change!

Write down your goals!
Writing things not only gives them great power when it comes to manifesting it also hold you accountable! When you write down your goals they are grounded, they are concrete. When goals are merely just words they are floating around without any attachment. When it is written it cannot be forgotten and can be recalled on at any given time. I suggest writing 10 goals for the new year.

Give each goal a time line!
Next to each goal I suggest writing down how long you’d like it to take to achieve. Is it something you can achieve in a month? Six months? The year? Writing down a time line also helps us be accountable, it dismisses chances to procrastinate and use the excuse we didn’t have time. If your goal is something that requires money you can budget accordingly to your time line, if it’s a physical goal you can set aside the time necessary in order to achieve it.

The “how?”
Write out steps on how you plan to achieve this. You have your time line right? So you can easily delegate steps in the allotted time. For instance maybe your goal will take three steps in order to achieve it and you gave yourself three months to achieve it. Write how you plan to achieve each step and be specific! Maybe delegate each to those months to a specific execution step. The major theme here is accountability and by having the how there is really no excuse to slack on what needs to be done.

Make it visible!
Put this list of goals and time line somewhere you will see it all the time. Perhaps if you work a lot place it in your work space, the wall next to your bed, your car. For me personally I tend to put it on a magnet on my fridge. I am in my kitchen daily so then I am reminded daily of these goals and the time I have given myself to achieve them. In today’s society most of us are super busy so it’s easy to put these things on the back of our mind and before we know it six months has passed by since we’ve actively thought about or worked toward our goals.

I hope these tips can help you stay consistent in achieving your goals. I love to see everyone succeed at bettering themselves! If you find these tips have helped pass it along to someone else you think may need help staying accountable. Lets make this year a year of slaying our goals!

Cheers to the New Year!
With Love & Light
Kat-Meditative Movements

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