Living in the Key of LOVE!

In this world we have two emotions that deeply rule our thoughts and actions. Those two feelings are love, and fear. Now, this tends to rattle up a lot of resistance. We all remember the scene from Donnie Darko where his teacher goes on about this topic and Donnie just about flips his lid?


The ironic part, is his denial of this inevitable truth can also be defined as fear. The thing is, you can lump everything into these two categories. Life really IS that simple. It just takes a little rewiring of the way we think.
I myself, used to have a lot of resistance to this concept. However, I have had a lot of experiences now that have drastically changed my stance on the matter. I used to detest so much about life. I would complain often, I thought my goals were unattainable, and I just over all was pessimistic about life. Although, I still laughed, and smiled a lot and had lots to be happy about, I constantly made excuses for not chasing the life of my dreams. Why? The answer is really quite simple. I was living in the key of fear.
When you change your perspective you will certainly change your life. When you live in the key of love things become so much clearer, so much easier. When you live in the key of love so much starts to change. Someone living in the key of love won’t make excuses, they’ll make a plan. Instead of saying how hard it will be for you to travel,to make enough money, to save money, to book the plane ticket and ect. a person living in love will find a way, they will execute a plan to save the money necessary, they will book the ticket, they will make it happen.

A person living in the key of love will flourish and radiate happiness. Living in fear will make you anxious, it will make you feel stuck. People who live in fear, live in regret. Always wishing they would have done something differently. Where a person living in the key of love can be happy and content with the way life has played out for them
So next time you talk about something that excites you, pay attention to the way you speak and think about the matter. Are you looking forward to the future because you know things will fall perfectly in place? Or are you dreading the idea of the future because everything feels impossible to attain? Becoming aware of this is the key to changing it.

If you discover that you are living in the key of fear don’t be hard on yourself. This is something that can definitely be changed. It will require a conscious effort to change the way you think and act on things. In any given situation you must stop, and evaluate the vibration of your thoughts. And also evaluate the tone of your words, what we speak is a huge reflection of what we manifest.

When you commit to living in the key of love good things will come your way! Now, go manifest a beautiful, amazing life, filled with an abundance of love! Everything you’ve ever wanted is waiting for you on the other side of fear.

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