Creating the life of your dreams!

What if you could live the life of your dreams almost effortlessly? What if all it took was a shift in your perspective? You could radically change the momentum of your desires. You could shift your dreams into reality. It’s really all quite simple. I used to work the safe corporate life. It got me by, it paid my bills but it didn’t fill my soul.I constantly wondered if there was any way to truly feel happy and free. Now I’m traveling all over the world, meeting incredible people, working a job I absolutely love, and I continue to manifest all that I desire. I made the shift and so can you. In this article I reveal five very simple ways to shift your life so you may start making strides toward your dream life. Change your perspective and you can change your life.

Step 1: Cut out the negativity.
If something is draining you of your energy it has no place in your life. Cutting out negativity allows so much mores space for positive circumstances, places, or people to pour into your life. These negative attributes are not serving you, it’s time to let that go! Only allow what makes your soul happy into your life. This is so essential when allowing abundance to pour thru you.

Step 2: Surrender and believe!
To so many people surrender is just a silly word hippies and yogis say. But what does it mean? What is surrender? In simple words surrender just means to open your heart to the countless possibilities. Just know that life will always work itself out. When you’re living in your flow and you follow your highest excitement the universe will provide for you.

Step 3: Stop making excuses.
This tends to be the hardest part for people. I’ve talked to so many people and have seen their eyes light up when they talk about something and then follow it with a “but.” To make sure this makes sense here are a few examples but are not limimted to: “I’d love to travel, but…” or “I’d love to make money doing something that makes me happy, but…” What if we cut out “but” from our vocabularly and made it stop being an if and turned it into a when. Make goals, pursuit them relentlessly and live the life of your dreams! I promise it’s not as hard as you’re making it. Stop making things complicated and live in the key of your highest excitment!

Step 4: Grattitude, grattitude, grattitude!
Giving garitude for the things we have helps us change our perspective. Change your perspective and you’ll change your life. The universe responds to gratitude in a positive manner where as if you disregard how lucky you are for what you have, you’ll never recieve more. If this all sounds far fetched to you let me break this down in a logical day to day way. Let’s say you’re having guest’s over for dinner. One guest raves on and on about how grateful they are for the meal you have provided and for your hospitality and on the other hand one other guest complains the entire time. Who would you be more inclined to offer seconds or to invite over a second time? This is the same to be said when manifesting your destiny. Living with a “lack mentality” will only hold you back. If you don’t appreciate what you already have how can you expect to recieve any more?

Step 5: Just go for it!
Take a leap of faith! You have so much waiting for you at the other side of your fear. Don’t live in the key of fear, live in the key of love. Do what you love, be with who you love, live where you love. Just love your life and the rest will fall into alignment. When you want something bad enough you will always find a way to make it. When there is a will there is way. So just go for it!

I hope that you find this hopeful. I am finally living my dreams and it feels so damn fantastic. You got this, now go make magic happen!

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